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Our group provides a wide variety of services that are typically classified as "waterproofing". Generally, waterproofing is not defined as an individual system, but as a construction process that involves all the exterior building components. Waterproofing is a combination of materials or systems that prevent water intrusion into structural elements or finished spaces of the building. These materials or systems may fall into sub categories such as air/vapor barriers, moisture protection, caulking and sealants, below and above grade waterproofing membranes, drainage materials, as well as exterior cladding and concrete sealers. The waterproofing contractor is also often responsible for flashing, joint filler, masonry sealers, concrete densifiers, firestopping, expansion joint assemblies, firestopping, green roofs, pedestal paver systems, and many other ancillary items. Please contact us for all your waterproofing or restoration needs.

  • Waterproofing 
  • Moisture Protection 
  • Caulking and Sealants
  • Firestopping 
  • Building Envelope Restoration

Fluid Applied Roofing Systems

- cost 1/2 of what a new roof cost - energy efficient - 10 & 15 year sustainable warranty available - stops all leaks - no down time, means your business continues with normal operations

Floor coatings

Commercial & residential floor coatings of all types and colors. Some resist chemicals, some prevent flakes chipping or scratching off, some can even withstand high heat. We have solutions to your needs.

Waterproofing (above/below grade)

Camper/RV waterproofing & roof restoration

- rubber roof restoration - TPO restoration - EPDM restoration - PVC restoration - metal restoration - fiberglass restoration

Infrared Roof Inspections

. Major advantages of an infrared roof moisture survey are: • Locates water-damaged insulation quickly and accurately • Identifies small problems before they become serious and more costly to repair • Eliminates unnecessary replace­ ment of good roof • Documents problems before the warranty expires • Greatly extends the life of the roof A roof moisture survey should be carried out: • Prior to acceptance of a new roof system or during a building’s com­ missioning process • Before any existing warranties expire • Before acquiring a new building • Before roofing over existing roofing • For planned maintenance pur­ poses

Specialists in : Fluid Applied Roof Restorations, commercial/residential floor coatings

& waterproofing (above/below grade)

-fluid applied roofing -waterproofing (foundation) -waterproofing (roof top) -spray on roof restorations -single ply membrane restoration, inspection & repair -built up roof restoration, repair & inspection -metal roof restoration, repair & inspection -commercial/residential floor coatings

Cathy Leachman


- accounts payable - marketing - *complaint department*

John Dewey Hare

Equipment superintendent

As the equipment superintendent, John Dewey Hare ensures that all equipment is functioning properly and meets safety standards to support the team's operations.

Darrell Leachman

Certified Installer (Q.C)

Darrell Leachman is a Certified Installer (Q.C) responsible for ensuring high-quality installations and inspections of products and systems.

Keith Dees

Fluid Applied Roof Specialist

Keith Dees is a Fluid Applied Roof Specialist responsible for applying specialized roof coatings to protect and insulate buildings.

Anterrio Dees

Fluid applied Roofing specialist

Anterrio Dees is a Fluid Applied Roofing Specialist, responsible for applying various fluid applied roofing materials to create a weather-tight seal for commercial and industrial buildings.

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 would highly recommend this team of waterproofing experts to anyone looking for waterproofing or restoration services. Not only did they stop my leak, but by us spray coating our 37,000 sq.ft metal roof we now use a 1/3 less energy. Thanks guys. 

Cathy T
Commercial building owner

 this Company restored the rubber roof on our Prevost Motorhome to better than the day it left the lot. Looks great, my husband and I are very pleased and would recommend these guys to anyone. 

Julia Western
RV owner

 We have been doing business with this group for 3 years now. They maintenance several of our commercial buildings & rental properties. Whether it be a skylight, roof leak, parking lot maintenance or even a down spout replacement I guarantee you these guys will make it happen for you. 

Benjamin D

 Great group of people. They fixed 3 out of 4 leaks the first time out and even followed up the very next day to stop the last one without even calling them. Very professional and hard working group of guys. 5 stars across the board. 

Winston C
Residential Customer

 I was very pleased with the roof restoration done on my family’s RV . Very professional and hard working group of guys, would recommend to all. 

Cynthia D
Referred customer

 Great people. if we had to say one thing about the crew is they Showed up every time we called and these days thats really all you can ask for. Thanks Waterproofing Restorations for all of your help. 

General Contractor

 Called these guys on a Thursday morning about a terrible leak in our roof, by Friday evening they had replaced all of the damaged areas and sealed our roof back to the way it was. If I can say one thing about these guys is they went above and beyond while on duty and did exactly what they said they were going to do. 

Janet. K
Boys & Girls Club